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數據分析師 (MO)

Job Requirements:

  1. IT degree or experience is preferred
  2. Experience in self-media operation, media editing and marketing and marketing work experience on WeChat, Weibo, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. is preferred.
  3. Native speaking and writing skill in Chinese, good data analysis ability and able to meet tight deadlines under minimal supervision.
  4. Working knowledge of video editing tools.

Job Description:

-Responsible for data analysis of the company’s various public platforms (WeChat, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) and other new media, such as the number of views, browsing time, audience, fans, customers, etc.

  • -Comprehensive analysis data in order to provide suggestion
  • -Analysis different functions of each soical media to maximize the effectiveness of the platform.
  • -Solve various IT problems
  • -Organizational and multitasking abilities
  • -Follow media trends of online and offline outlets, determine the best media outlet mix for our campaigns

Education level: Associate degree or above


  1. IT學歷或經驗者優先;
  2. 有微信、微博、Facebook、Instagram、YouTube等自媒體運營經驗、媒體採編經驗和市場工作經驗者優先;
  3. 文字表達能力強,良好資料分析能力,有抗壓性
  4. 對視訊短片製作有一定瞭解



-負責公司各類公眾平臺 (微信、Facebook、Instagram、YouTube) 等中外新媒體瀏覽次數、瀏覽時間、觀眾、粉絲、客戶等的數據分析






教育程度: 學士學位或以上